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Why is Zestim free?

Zestim was initially a custom-built live chat software for enterprises. We're now opening up the product for you - whether you're a one man team, a startup or a small business - Zestim is tailored for your needs.

During this initial phase, we want you to fully adopt the product with no restrictions or limitations that a traditional free trial comes with. Send us your feedback, help us set the roadmap, and be part of the community.

As early adopters, you'll also join an exclusive group of people who'll get first dibs on our heavily discounted paid plans when we do announce pricing.

Be rest assured, we'll retain our free plan, and all paid plans will be affordable and highly competitive.

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Screen Mirror & Co-Browse

View your visitor's screen in real-time as if you are behind their shoulder. Go a step further, and remotely control your visitor’s screen. Truly powerful to resolve an issue or complete an order.

Target Based on Past & Real-time Behavior

Our powerful rule engine enables you to target visitors based on their actions from the first time they visited your website, to their current
visit in real time.

Audio & Video Calling

Go beyond text chats with built-in audio and video calling. Reduce call costs with VoIP technology. Increase your customer satisfaction and
reduce resolution times.

Enterprise-Grade Security and Scalability

Whether you get hundreds, or millions of simultaneous chats, we’ve got you covered. Conversations are protected with
top-of-the-line security.

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